Sopra Steria to participate in the 6th National Cyber Security Awareness Campaign

Belgium, | minute read
The Centre for Cyber Security Belgium and the Cyber Security Coalition are launching their 6th National Cyber Security Awareness Campaign, during the European Cyber Security Month in October. As members of the Cyber Security Coalition and a key cyber security player in Europe, Sopra Steria supports the campaign and will be actively sharing best practices throughout the month. This year’s campaign will fully focus on two-factor authentication and seeks to encourage Internet users to better secure their accounts by means of two-factor authentication (2FA).

Protect your online accounts with two-factor authentication

Most Internet users realize that a short and simple password can be easily cracked. However, this doesn't stop many users from still using them. Even strong passwords can be stolen in case of data breaches or as a result of a virus. Besides that, we can unintentionally reveal them ourselves if we fall into a devious phishing trap. That's why we strongly advise everyone to make use of Two Factor Authentication or 2FA. It's an easy solution to double protect your online accounts!

Two-step verification or 2FA is a simple solution to better protect your data

In order to access your account, you need to prove that you are who you claim to be.  This can be done in three different ways, or factors: 

  • with something that only you know (your password or PIN);
  • with something that only you have (your phone or token);
  • with something that you are (your fingerprint, face, iris...).

Usually you use one of these factors to prove who you are, but it is better to use 2 or more: this is two or multi-step verification (2FA or MFA). Stay tuned though the month of October and learn how you can better secure your data with this simple but extremely effective process. 

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