When successfully deployed, X-Reality paves the way for more efficient, reliable and reproducible work processes. The use of data in AR/VR complements and integrates existing interactions (mobile, voice, touch and gestures) to create an ecosystem of devices at the service of the user. It integrates the digital world into the physical reality of the user as a natural experience by significantly enhancing the perception of each individual. Data interpretation via artificial intelligence now includes real-time image and language processing. It provides systems with a better contextual perception and a detailed understanding of the situation by the user. Finally, sensory experience based on 3D vision, sounds and natural interaction provides a communication and learning channel that is easy to understand and impactful at the human level. It transcends business silos, cultural differences and even language barriers.

What do we contribute?

From retail customer experience, training and assistance in industry to collaboration in the field of surgery, we are already supporting our customers in many sectors and activities. We have developed a full range of skills and techniques and can work with you to conceptualise and deploy potential applications of these technologies within your ecosystem.

Sopra Steria has been made a member of the Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner Program, and has an extensive ecosystem of partners specialising in the field, which means it is clearly identified as a major integrator in Europe of X-Reality solutions.  

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