Cybersecurity Offer


Together, let’s put cybersecurity at the heart of your business

According to the IMF, the risk of a cyber attack was the third most feared global risk by companies in 2018, behind climate risks. Anticipating, organizing and protecting against a cyber threat that targets mass paralysis has now become a «must have» for your organization.

As a result of digital transformation and its associated new uses, cybersecurity is accelerating, under the supervision of European and Member States regulatory authorities. As a major player in the European cyber security sector, Sopra Steria is part of this dynamic.

Our mission is to provide solutions and trusted services to the most exposed public and private actors, to ensure the resilience of their critical systems and protect their sensitive information assets. Our teams support you throughout the entire security lifecycle, from prevention to protection and detection-reaction.

Our tailor-made approach is adapted to your context and your technological and budgetary constraints, around a service model that combines proximity and industrialization. At the heart of cybersecurity and crisis management, the quality, proximity and durability of the relationship of trust with our customers is fundamental. Listening to your specific needs and the initiatives of our experts, we are constantly improving in order to provide you with highperformance and, if necessary, creative solutions!







End-to-end trust & confidence

New uses, new challenges!

Digital transformation is a new vector of development opportunities. Its corollary is the increase of the attack landscape. Image damage, fraud, data theft, service interruption.... The challenge is to limit and control these risks. By providing the foundation for trust, security becomes one of the key catalysts for your digital transformation!

Provide overall security for sensitive digital assets

The value of your organization is now focusing on digital identities, applications and data. Protecting them means ensuring its sustainability. For any digital project, a «security by design» approach, focused on business risks transversal to the organization, allows security requirements to be taken into account from the very beginning of the project. It also enables the dissemination of good security practices within your teams.

Provide trusted services in compliance with regulations

To ensure the trust of your ecosystem (customers, partners, employees) and your regulatory compliance, it is essential to work with recognized trusted operators, particularly in the areas of detection and response.

The 4 major concerns of our customers today are cloud security, regulatory compliance, a proactive SOC, and the convergence of IT and industrial systems.

Karim Azer-Nessim

Benelux IT/Cyber Security Director

The global cybersecurity offer

Trusted services over the entire lifecycle of information system security.

Our team of consultants, experts and analysts support your project through the key stages of cybersecurity, from the definition of your security strategy, to daily monitoring and interaction operations. Their mission: to guarantee the resilience of your IS in real time and protect your information assets.



Our flagship offers
Cybersecurity Offer

Governance, risk & compliance

Sopra Steria’s Governance, Risk and Compliance offer aims to provide an end-to-end framework to manage information security and cross-functional risks. Investing in a strong and secure GRC strategy ensures many short and long terms benefits such as strong leadership, optimal IT investments, improvement of inter-department communication, enhanced decision-making model…


Our team is dedicated to the safety culture and regulatory compliance (dual legal and IT expertise) which ensures that you have tailor made strategies that is mapped to the client business and legal requirements. Our GRC strategy can be broken down as follow:


  • Governance: Ensuring that the IT strategy is supporting the Business goals as well as ensuring that the organization is involved at all levels with the management support.
  • Risk: Ensuring that any risk identified or inherent to the organizational activities is managed according to the defined company strategy and in line with the risk appetite.
  • Compliance: Ensuring that the company activities operate in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations. This englobes audit activities as well as managing controls to cover risks.

Application Security

Spamming, phishing, hackers and increasingly advanced forms of cybercrime pose real threats to businesses. In practice, it turns out that a significant number of security incidents are due to software errors. And often the cause lies more in the first phases of Secure Software Development LifeCycle (SSDLC), than in the solution itself. It is therefore crucial to think about potential security risks as early as possible and to integrate them into the development processes.


The Sopra Steria Application security offer is centered around the "Security by Design", as the goal is to ensure that security is an integral part of information systems across the entire lifecycle, including those that provide services over public network. It is crucial to ensure that information security is integrated into the system development lifecycle, and to ensure the protection of the data processed and the early detection of any potential threat to the application security.


Our offer aims as well to accompany the client at every step of their application security and to align with their business needs, current and upcoming. As well as to strengthen their security through multiple protective services such as penetration testing, R&D, audits… 

Data Security

Sopra Steria’s Data Security framework ensures the business protection and alignment of the organization around data governance. It enables clients and users to collaborate safely and to share information in a secured manner. Our framework ensures compliance to regulatory requirements and to industry standards in terms of data security and data protection.


Thanks to our global presence and extensive experience in data security, we can prevent financial and reputational damage resulting from a non-compliance, ensure security compliance in case of an incident or a risk on a critical data or detail a data management strategy including information on how to dispose of data for example.

Security Operation Centre

To face a growing, targeted and constantly evolving cyber threat, the detection and response teams must be able to continuously adapt their defense strategy. Sopra Steria's Security Operations Center (SOC) offers a comprehensive and evolutive information management solution, able to anticipate, detect, analyze, and respond to cyber-attacks as quickly and accurately as possible. This is done by leveraging the field expertise and innovations in artificial intelligence.


Our method is broken down as follow:

  • Detect the threats pro-actively and reactively
  • Analyze the state of the threat to adapt the client systems to the reality of the threat
  • Detect incidents through innovative and automated methods, focusing on business risks
  • Limit the impact of a cybersecurity incident or crisis through the organization and setup of an expert center and teams, technical investigation, and the implementation of remediation and monitoring. 


From our cyber centers located across Europe and in Belgium, our security professionals use sophisticated security and event management systems to monitor suspicious activities. With the highest levels of certification and advanced crisis management systems, they can react quickly and effectively by taking the necessary measures. 


Our security engineering team provides services that cover supply, implementation and support activities to a wide range of organizations. And partner with various security vendors such as QRadar, Splunk, LogRhythm, Crowdstrike, Juniper, F5, Symantec, Axway and many others to provide tailor made solutions aligned with the client needs.

Innovation at the service of your transformations

Tailor-made cyber solution to support the development of your business

With our experience in Aeronautics, Energy, Transport, Banking and Defence, we support the transformation of your business, ecosystem and working methods. Our solutions, adapted to your major transformation challenges, are part of a continuous innovation process at the service of your own innovation and performance.

Focus on excellence

Proximity, business expertise and mastery of sectoral regulations.

Our constant quest for excellence is reflected in the most demanding qualifications and accreditations, in the exemplary human relations with our employees, customers and partners, particularly through diversity.


Directive on Security of Network and Information Systems (NIS Directive)

Our state-of-the-art services and experts meet the most stringent requirements to support the most sensitive public and private actors in the implementation of the NIS Directive. Sopra Steria, through its business and technical expertise, has developed a structured approach enabling our customers to comply with this new regulation.

The understanding of «customer service»

All our teams, regardless of their field of activity, are oriented towards providing services to our customers. Through excellence and team spirit, we develop the trust of our customers on a daily basis.

Women in Cyber initiative

WomenInCyber is a young collective of passionate and committed women. Its objectives: to promote diversity in cybersecurity professions, to promote the sector among women, and to create vocation among younger girls.