SAP HANA Cloud in the fight against illegal dumping

| minute read

IVAGO, the intermunicipal association responsible for waste and materials management in Ghent and Destelbergen, receives more than 15,000 reports each year of illegal dumping, both from citizens and from services such as the Community Guard Service. These reports end up in an automatic planning system for disposal. Sopra Steria developed a mobile app for this planning system, which provides the collectors of the illegal deposits with a handy and clear list of reports.

In order to combat illegal dumping in Ghent and Destelbergen more efficiently, Sopra Steria developed an internal mobile app for IVAGO that informs collectors in real time about planned collections.

Reports from citizens or municipal services are received via the ERP system. From there, every report goes on to the cloud, where it ends up on the mobile app. Once the collection has been completed, the IVAGO employee indicates this in the app. The report flows through the cloud to the ERP system, and is closed down.

IVAGO uses SAP as a transactional ERP environment to support its business processes, such as invoicing. Sopra Steria set up the SAP Cloud environment, with a link to the ERP environment on premise. This SAP Cloud environment is crucial to enable digital innovative projects, such as this app, to work.