Community Engagement: Allowing vulnerable groups fulfil their potential

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Working alongside local communities and vulnerable populations

Sopra Steria’s commitment to community

The Group is committed to helping vulnerable people by focusing on four types of actions:

  • Digital inclusion, - Access to education,
  • Access to employment,
  • The right to water.

To fulfil this commitment, which involves more than 1,000 of our employees, the Group has set up two foundations situated in France and India and sponsors local charities.

The community fundraising events that are organised every year illustrate the commitment of our employees.

Mobilised around charitable causes which are also linked to environmental issues, employees raise funds for both the Group’s community programs and for associations of their choice. These events are organised in India as “Share and Support Day”, in the United Kingdom as “Community Matters”, in Scandinavia as “The Challenge” and in Poland as the “Charity Challenge”. Community initiatives that tackle local issues also involve employees within those countries in which the Group operates, such as Italy, France, Belgium, Spain, France, Poland and Morocco.

In Germany, Norway and the United Kingdom, employees can finance associations as well as the Group’s educational program in India through salary contributions.


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Community Engagement: Allowing vulnerable groups fulfil their potential