Sopra Steria invites you to the Yehudi Menuhin end of year magical online concert: "From us to you" !

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At Sopra Steria, we firmly believe that digital technology is a source of opportunities and progress for all. We have chosen to be a "contributive" company for building a sustainable world where everyone has a role to play. Our long-standing partnership with the Yehudi Menuhin Foundation is fully in line with this shared vision: using the power of the arts to transform society and give a voice to the voiceless.

Every year since its creation, the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation has been organizing high-flying concerts with musicians from all over the world and an audience that often leaves the hall in awe. It is their best way to convey our messages of tolerance, dialogue and the creation of bonds.

For this “special” year, the concert will be fully recorded and broadcasted on December 27th. This is an exclusive opportunity for us to share this unique event with everyone.

There is no need to look back over the past year and its consequences for the cultural world. From us to you is our end-of-year gift, it is the bond that we keep and our will to continue to fill with wonder through music. From us to you is our way to end this year, to bring music and joy into our homes.

To make this event unique and magical we have gathered the perfect ingredients:

  • A majestic place, in the heart of the city of Brussels: the event will be broadcasted from the “Salle Gothique” of the Hôtel de Ville of Brussels.
  • Musicians who will manage to take you on a journey of a thousand accents and colors: Matthieu Saglio Quartet.
  • A team gathered for its values and its qualities who will make you live the emotions of music and image in the most beautiful way.

So let’s meet on the Yehudi Menuhin Foundation’s website and on their Facebook page for a magical concert on December 27 at 8:30 pm !


After the European success of NES (Ahlam album – ACT 2018) and with hundreds of concerts in some thirty countries to his credit, time had come for cellist Matthieu Saglio to dive deep inside to contemplate the road he had traveled. This musical and intimate inventory of fixtures is called El Camino de los vientos. A unique and singular path, which has followed changing, surprising winds, blowing in many directions. For these new compositions, Matthieu was surrounded by distinguished guests, among references of European jazz, long time colleagues… and his 3 sons. The result is a varied album, with the cello as the guiding thread to be travelled like a journey out of time.

There are compositions with solos and improvisations with a strong jazz character, but also others in a more classical style with a taste for soundtracks. There are also African rhythms, Arabic quarter tones, flamenco ‘palos’… Like the unclassifiable logic of a path of 20 years of adventures and musical and human encounters, a personal way of looking at the world, beauty and understanding between people. After recording this album with such a rich and varied palette of guests, the challenge was to adapt this new repertoire to live performance. Therefore was born the Matthieu Saglio Quartet, a true luxury, with Steve Shehan (percussion, FR), Christian Belhomme (keyboard, FR), and Léo Ullmann (violin, FR).