The Nine Principal Guidelines of Digital Transformation

Transformation through Digitalisation

Openness is the key… 

Digitalisation and globalisation are powerful trends that are disrupting businesses worldwide. The many breakpoints, be they in the context of time, space, the skills and the players involved in the economic chain have a continuous impact on corporate and organisational strategies. Digital technology favours the immaterial and has broadened the competitive playing ­eld, forcing us to open up to the wider environment around us. We need to open up to our customers, but also to the men and women in our workforce as well as to the wider ecosystems and most of all, we need to foster constant innovation.

In our ­rst white paper "How to succeed and accelerate your digital transformation project", we highlighted the organic character of new organisations that are born or reshaped by digital technology and this white paper highlights a number of best practice in the industry in order to create the conditions for success.

An open company operating within an innovative ecosystem

The aim of this second volume is to extend the strategic approach and to help decision-makers by offering a new perspective on transformation; an organic process stimulated by a platform-driven company.

Such an open-minded approach requires an understanding of the link between the factors and forces that set a company in motion, its fundamentals (values, culture, vision, strengths, people, etc.), and the concept of a “platform company”, understood as both a backbone and a leveraging tool or a tensor, for a truly systemic enterprise, operating at the core of its ecosystem. The key therefore lies in striking a balance between agility, speed and continuous adaptability in order to be able to function in an open and innovative ecosystem.

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The Nine Principal Guidelines of Digital Transformation

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