Sustainable Environment: Taking action and innovating for the environment

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Taking action and innovating for the environment

We, Sopra Steria, recognise that we must reduce the impact of our activities on the environment.

By making the careful use of resources part of our culture, we strive to run our organisation in a way that minimises its environmental footprint. But we do more, with programmes such as carbon offsetting, investment in renewable energy and projects delivering access to water.

To deliver our environmental policy, we are implementing an action programme based on four approaches to Sustainable Development:

Applying the principles of the low-carbon economy

  • Adopting science-based targets for our greenhouse gas emissions,
  • Engaging customers, partners and suppliers in reducing their emissions,
  • Implementing an internal carbon price,
  • Procuring renewable energy amounting to 69% of the electricity consumption of on-site offices and data centres;

Being carbon neutral

  • Making our offices, data centres (on- and off-site) and business travel CarbonNeutral®, so that by engaging us, customers and suppliers reduce the carbon footprints of their value chains;

Managing sustainability

  • Operating an Environmental Management System certified to ISO 14001;

Developing the circular economy

  • Applying the principles internally and making;suppliers and customers aware of their opportunities for action;

Developing environmentally friendly services

  • In the fields of energy, transport and dematerialisation, in particular;

Contributing to local and international initiatives

  • Collaborating with other economic players in addressing climate change and environmental degradation.

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Sustainable Environment: Taking action and innovating for the environment