Sopra Steria recognized as a Leader in Cloud Infrastructure Brokerage & Orchestration Services by global analyst firm NelsonHall

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Sopra Steria, a European leader in consulting, digital services and software publishing, announced today that its Cloud Services have been named a “Leader” in the latest NelsonHall NEAT analysis on the Cloud Infrastructure Brokerage & Orchestration Services market segment.

In this “new normal,” we are witnessing an acceleration of digital transformation. Companies and organisations need to rethink their Software Factory and platform strategy to function in the age of cloud-native technologies.

Sopra Steria helps organisations to build their data, software and tech platforms in order to invigorate the creation of new services, thanks to an innovative business model that matches the speed of the market.

Sopra Steria has, therefore, developed its comprehensive solutions and services portfolio, including a modular range of services, the Digital Digital Innovation Factory Factory, to drive cloud and technology adoption across large enterprises, with a holistic transformational approach across six dimensions: strategy and governance, change management, technology, operating models and process, economics, and security.

To meet its clients’ requirements across Europe in terms of compliance and sovereignty, Sopra Steria Cloud Centre of Excellence has invested both in Hybrid Cloud and multicloud strategies. To this end, Sopra Steria’s teams have developed  an an opensource expertise expertise and established an extensive ecosystem of partners. These investments, combined with a vendor-agnostic approach, allow the Group to provide its clients with a personalised response to their challenges.

NelsonHall’s NEAT vendor evaluation reflects Sopra Steria’s overall ability to meet future client requirements, as well as delivering immediate benefits to Cloud Infrastructure Brokerage & Orchestration Services clients. This ranking assessed all the major providers in this segment worldwide.

The NEAT assessment identifies Sopra Steria’s Cloud Services as a “Leader” based on the following strengths:

  • Strong consulting capabilities
  • Vertical expertise through its global DigiLabs innovation network
  • Client proximity model and end-to-end holistic approach
  • DigiBoosters, digital accelerators, in support of Cloud Services
  • Digital Innovation Platform enabling agile, DevSecOps and automated environments, including AIOps, NoOps capabilities
  • Broad set of cloud-certified employees
  • Strong European delivery footprint
Through its Digital Innovation Factory approach, Sopra Steria ensures that within an enterprise, each process and technology, plus organizational skills and culture are designed to support a BizDevSecOps approach to digital transformation. It is investing in its Digital Innovation Platform to improve DevOps, application modernization, and the management of hybrid multicloud services, including container services. Sopra Steria is also investing in DigiBoosters and IP in particular across AI to accelerate application deployment and in the use of FinOps to reduce Cloud consumption, and in its Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE)


Senior Research Analyst at NelsonHall


Companies that are able to fast deliver new digital services have a decisive advantage to seize market opportunities to improve client and user experience, or to enhance productivity in this ‘new normal.’ Our teams are committed to help organisations to increase their level of innovation, velocity, scalability and resilience, thanks to our practical transformation services, our industrialised and automated platform services, and business technology accelerators (AI/ML, IoT...) We are delighted to be acknowledged as a Leader in Cloud Infrastructure Brokerage & Orchestration Services


Digital Services Director at Sopra Steria



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Sopra Steria recognized as a Leader in Cloud Infrastructure Brokerage & Orchestration Services by global analyst firm NelsonHall