Sopra Steria places environmental protection and social progress at the heart of its commitments and actions

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Sopra Steria, one of Europe's Tech leaders recognised for its consulting, digital services, and software publishing activities, publishes its Corporate Responsibility 2022 report, extracted from the Universal Registration Document. The report sets out the Group's main commitments and achievements in the social, environmental, ethical, and solidarity fields, which aim to make the digital world responsible and accessible to all.

Sopra Steria has for many years been committed to and recognised for its proactive strategy for the environment, social issues, solidarity, and responsible digital approach in the management of its activities and has now strengthened its action programmes in 2022. The aim is to turn digital technology into an accelerator, as well as a source of opportunities and progress for all.

Environmental responsibility: beyond climate action and "net zero emissions”

For several years now, Sopra Steria has been one of the leaders in environmental protection.

In 2022, the Group was commended for its commitments:

  • For the 6th year running, Sopra Steria was placed on the CDP Climate Change (Carbon Disclosure Project) "A-List", the highest level of recognition, for its commitment to the fight against global warming.
  • For the 3rd consecutive year, Sopra Steria topped the "Supplier Engagement Leader" ranking of the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), for the engagement of its suppliers in the fight against climate change.
  • Sopra Steria joined the United Nations Climate Neutral Now programme for its direct activities (offices, data centres and business travel), and was awarded Climate Neutral Gold status for the "Measure" and "Reduce" sections, and Silver status for the "Contribute" section of the programme.

Progress by 2022 in the programme to decarbonise activities across the value chain:

  • 68% GHG emissions per employee on direct activities (base 2015), vs. -50% in 2021, in line with the SBTi target of 85% reduction by 2040.
  • 55% of suppliers representing 70% of the supply chain emissions have committed themselves to GHG reduction targets.

Sopra Steria has set itself a number of key targets: 

  • New "Net Zero" standard: the Group has submitted to the SBTi (Science Based Target initiative) a target of achieving net zero emissions by 2040 - i.e. 10 years ahead of the UN and EU target - under the new standard limiting offsetting to a maximum of 10%.
  • Aeroline Zero Emission" programme: as part of the "zero net emissions" target for 2050 adopted by 193 member states of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in October 2022, Sopra Steria has deployed its "Aeroline Zero Emission" programme throughout the Group, reinforcing its expertise in support of the sector's major transformation.

Social responsibility: a contributing company building a more human world, where everyone has a role to play

Sopra Steria has chosen to be a benchmark employer, attracting the best talent and promoting social dialogue, diversity, and equal opportunities. As such: 

  • In 2022, the Group relaunched the "We Share" employee shareholding programme, to develop collective motivation and strengthen the corporate culture.
  • Sopra Steria also pursues a policy of diversity and professional integration to promote access to education for all and the professional integration of young graduates, interns and work-study students. The Group also offers retraining courses in digital professions, leading to permanent employment.

In 2022: 

  • 13,073 new hires vs. 10,636 in 2021
  • 60 nationalities among those recruited in France (12 European nationalities and 48 nationalities from outside Europe)
  • 1,381 interns vs. 995 in 2021
  • 801 work-study students vs. 564 in 2021
  • 604 actions carried out in schools vs. 420 in 2021
  • The Group is pursuing a proactive policy to increase the number of women in management: 
  1. 20%: rate of women on the executive committee in 2022, vs. 17.6% in 2021
  2. Target: 30% women on the executive committee by 2025 and 20% women in senior management by 2025 (with an intermediate stage in 2023 at 17%).
  3. 33.1%: rate of women in the Group in 2022 (vs. 32.4 in 2021)
  • To promote diversity and equal opportunity, Sopra Steria works to ensure the professional integration and continued employment of disabled workers, through innovative recruitment, job adaptation, training and awareness-raising initiatives.

To access the full Corporate Responsibility Report, click here
The universal 2022 registration document is available here

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