Sopra Steria is set to provide fundamental support to EUROCONTROL

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EUROCONTROL, the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation, has selected Sopra Steria toprovide core software and system services to its Network Manager function, with an essential new contract for Flight and Flow applications.

In addition to these current and evolutive services in line with the business expansion of the Network Management in European ATM, the new contract will also pave the way for the Digital Transformation of the Network Manager.

Sopra Steria is a leader in digital transformation and will work with EUROCONTROL on roadmaps aimed at meeting concrete Network Manager objectives, reflecting the aspirations to exploit new digital channels, while ensuring that critical legacy technologies are fully incorporated in the overall solution.

The new contract marks the beginning of a long-term commitment to ensure the necessary IT support in the Network Manager’s core activities, ultimately aimed at making sure that aircrafts keep on flying, safely, in appropriately regulated European skies.

The challenge of the contract is dual, in that it requires uninterrupted service through transition from previous arrangements and provide for an important modal change whereby application maintenance will gradually transition from a purely on-site T&M service to a significantly outsourced maintenance and support service.

Once the continuity of the services is fully assured, Sopra Steria will proactively work in partnership with EUROCONTROL in order to help driving the digital transformation and evolution of delivery models. Sopra Steria commit to a long-term partnership with EUROCONTROL with a local decision centre and partnership mind-set.

With more than 25 years of experience in the aeronautics sector and more than 200 dedicated Air Traffic Management engineers, consultants and experts, the Sopra Steria team provides key ATM stakeholders with a wide range of engineering and consultancy services, along with innovative solutions.

Sopra Steria shares the vision of an integrated, modernised and harmonised Air Traffic Management system across the Single European Sky, leveraging digital transformation, virtualisation, collaborative air-ground operations and the concepts of flight and flow-centric operations built around a common interoperability backbone.


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Sopra Steria is set to provide fundamental support to EUROCONTROL




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