Sopra Steria Chosen by FPS BOSA to maintain and develop the service offering for eIDAS digital identity and trust services

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FPS BOSA - DG Digital Transformation has chosen Sopra Steria to support them in the maintenance and development of the service offering for eIDAS digital identity and trust services. The eIDAS Regulation aims to help businesses, citizens and public authorities to carry out secure and seamless electronic interactions, regardless of the European country in which they take place.

Framework of the contract:

The contract for the realisation of LOT 1, LOT 2, and LOT 7 was awarded to Sopra Steria following a competitive call for tender launched by FPS BOSA - DG Digital Transformation. The contract consists of developing, maintaining, and evolving the BOSA service offer that concern and/or affect digital identity(ies) and eIDAS trust services in the broadest sense of the term. Sopra Steria will be more specifically involved in solution architecture and development in the field of digital identity and trust services as well as in technical writing.

What exactly is eIDAS?

eIDAS (Electronic IDentification Authentication and trust Services) promotes interoperability across the 27 EU Member States, ensuring that countries mutually recognise each other’s notified electronic identification schemes. The Regulation proposes a clear legal framework for individuals, companies, and public administrations to safely access services and carry out transactions online with a single "click". eIDAS acts as a catalyst for the implementation of data privacy legislative frameworks and technologies (GDPR, Data Act, AI Act, etc.) in all European sectors and institutions that are experiencing an accelerated digitalisation of their services.

Sopra Steria and BOSA

Sopra Steria has a long-standing working relationship with FPS BOSA as it offers support in the management and implementation of other mission-critical large-scale IT systems for over 5 years, sharing its extensive experience in the context of e-government, digital transformation, and the digitisation of public services.

As European leader in digital transformation and Public Sector, Sopra Steria is proud to extend its long-standing partnership with FPS BOSA by contributing to the maintenance and development of a key framework shaping the future of the European Union’s digital transformation journey. The eIDAS Regulation is a milestone in the context of secure cross-border transactions and we are proud to be part of its evolution in Belgium.


CEO Sopra Steria Benelux



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Sopra Steria Chosen by FPS BOSA to maintain and develop the service offering for eIDAS digital identity and trust services






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