Sopra Steria chosen by Belgian Integrated Police to drive its digital transformation through the i-Police programme

Brussels, | minute read

The Integrated Police of Belgium has awarded a consortium led by Sopra Steria a framework contract for the delivery of i-Police, a major digital transformation programme that will enable the Integrated Police with the technological resources to match its digital ambitions. Sopra Steria will be responsible for managing the programme, integrating the solutions that make up the platform, migrating the data, and providing technical and functional support to users.

In recent years, the Belgian Police have been facing considerable challenges in managing its existing data and systems. At the same time, the increasing demands of the citizens require an increase in the speed and adaptability of the organisation. They expect to interact with a modern police force, close to the field and mastering new technologies to effectively counter new forms of criminal activity. In order to provide the police with the efficiency and speed of action required in the field, Sopra Steria will provide an integrated end-to-end solution with decisive advantages over time.

The i-Police programme will cover an extremely broad functional scope, including all the Belgian Police’s operational systems, where most of them will be replaced. More specifically, the i-Police programme aims to provide Belgian Police with the technical means to better analyse, detect, solve, and finally anticipate crimes. The programme will also improve the efficiency of the police as a whole, starting with the field officers in direct contact with the public. Finally, i-Police will facilitate the collaboration and integration of the police with other actors in the security chain, both nationally and internationally.

The Integrated Police of the future is an organisation that makes full use of digital technologies to increase the impact of its human and material resources, whose capabilities are able to evolve to meet the expectations of citizens and stay ahead of new types of criminal activities. To achieve this, Sopra Steria and its partners have designed an end-to-end, open, and scalable i-Police platform based on solution components that have been proven time and time again by the world's best police forces.

Given Sopra Steria’s expertise in systems integration, the newly proposed i-Police platform is designed to support all Integrated Police business processes as well as to allow integration with partner systems such as authentic sources, other players in the judicial chain (Ministry of Justice in particular), as well as international systems (SIS, Europol, Interpol, Cross Border Exchange).

“We thank the Belgian Police for their trust in our expertise in projects of this calibre. Sopra Steria, alongside our partners, is looking forward to shaping the outcome of this program and make it a model for other European police forces.” Michel Lorgeré, CEO Sopra Steria Benelux