Sopra Steria and SkyReal announce the launch of a partnership for the deployment of virtual reality for industry

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Sopra Steria, one of Europe’s leading tech companies, recognised for its consulting, digital services, and software publishing activities, has announced the launch of a partnership with SkyReal, a French company specialising in the design of virtual reality solutions. This strategic partnership is consistent with the deployment of innovative virtual reality solutions for the transformation of industrial sectors.

As a major player in the digital transformation of businesses, Sopra Steria is committed to supporting changes in the industrial sector by providing secure, optimised, and innovative solutions. The use of virtual reality in the strategic aeronautics, aerospace, defence, and energy sectors helps accelerate and optimise the design of new projects, through a “right the first time” approach.

As part of the development of its range of virtual reality solutions for industrial use, Sopra Steria has announced it has taken a stake in SkyReal, a company specialising in the design of turnkey virtual reality tools. As an expert in virtual reality, SkyReal relies on technological innovation - in particular 3D - to design immersive tools for industrial use. With the implementation of this partnership, the solutions developed will help engineers plan their projects through the digitisation of the design process and data visualisation.

The range of solutions provided by SkyReal contributes to creating a genuine industrial metaverse. Based on real-time 3D technologies and MBSE (Model-Based Systems Engineering) approaches, SkyReal develops complex data visualisation solutions for modern engineering. SkyReal facilitates the deployment and integration of 3D/VR (Virtual Reality) tools in industries throughout the design cycle, based also on leading software Unreal Engine, the 5th version of which is revolutionising computational performance.

The SkyReal VR solution has become a benchmark offering that sets new standards for virtual reality in the industry. It is modular in design and its features adapt to business needs via a system of plugins.

”This collaboration with SkyReal aims to provide businesses with new, secure immersive virtual reality solutions. The purpose of these solutions dedicated to project design is to support the strategic transformation of industrial players as their businesses develop”, points out Josselin Demessine, Head of Engineering Business Line at Sopra Steria.


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Sopra Steria and SkyReal announce the launch of a partnership for the deployment of virtual reality for industry









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