Sopra Steria and IBM join forces to launch new Artificial Intelligence Services on Sopra Steria's Trusted Digital Platform

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Sopra Steria and IBM announce the launch of new AI services - The Sopra Steria Alive Intelligence (SSAI) solution - hosted, operated and secured in France for companies and public bodies operating across Europe.

These services are now available on the Trusted Digital Platform, a dedicated and customizable cloud services platform that provides the agility and scalability needed to accelerate innovation with confidence.

The Sopra Steria Alive Intelligence (SSAI) offer offers a specialized conversational assistant for businesses

The Sopra Steria Alive Intelligence (SSAI) solution, powered by IBM Watson Assistant, uses natural language processing (NLP), Deep Learning and Semantic Analysis to provide AI backed insights. The insights help improve decision-making and enable the development of new innovative services tailored to customer and user expectations, while allowing business teams to refocus on higher value-added tasks.

Designed for all types of business areas including IT, HR, Finance and Production across multiple industries, the SSAI solution combines human, collective and virtual intelligence to ensure seamless interactions and promote access to the best of knowledge.

With this conversational assistant, organizations are able to automate up to 80% of their support activities, generate up to 50% savings, and relieve their over-mobilized teams during peak workloads or crises. Sopra Steria Alive Intelligence is also a lever for increasing customer and citizen satisfaction in particular by providing a new communication channel accessible with public and private organizations.

Leveraging A Hybrid Cloud Approach to Drive Innovation

The Alive Intelligence solution is available on Sopra Steria's Trusted Digital Platform, built using Red Hat OpenStack. This collaboration provides the agility and scalability needed to support application modernization and accelerate digital transformation, while ensuring the platform complies with strict data protection requirements in France.

These new high value-added AI services rely on the strengths and expertise of each of the players that make them up:

  • Sopra Steria, which has been supporting its customers for a long time in their digital transformation, in particular by addressing the challenges related to the introduction of AI in their organization in order to increase the quality of the services offered to their customers or users and the efficiency of their employees, improve the performance of the organization and optimize operating costs.
  • IBM, which is focused on two of the most transformational technologies of our time: hybrid cloud and AI. Following its 2019 acquisition of Red Hat, IBM is uniquely suited to help clients address data sovereignty challenges. Offering containerized software that can be deployed anywhere - on-premises, public cloud or private cloud – IBM is bringing its hybrid cloud software to clients across the world to help them comply with regulations across their markets.

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Sopra Steria and IBM join forces to launch new Artificial Intelligence Services on Sopra Steria's Trusted Digital Platform