Sopra Steria achieves the 4 Microsoft Azure Cloud Security advanced specialisations

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Sopra Steria, a European Tech leader recognised for its consulting, digital services and software development in consulting, digital services and software development, today announces that it has successfully passed the four Microsoft Azure Security advanced specializations, thanks to its Sopra Steria Cloud Security Services related to strategy, implementation and operations activities in hybrid and multi-Cloud environments.

As enterprise and organisation undergoes accelerated digital transformation, this last disrupts traditional cyber security models. The adoption of business technologies (Data, IA, IoT, Blockchain) and the hybrid work models are indeed increasing the surface of attack of all the organisations. According to the last European Union Agency for Cybersecurity Threat Landscape Report, cyber security attacks have continued to increase in terms of vector, number, and impact. Every company must then take approaches to stay ahead of cyber criminals.

In this ever-growing digital economy, Sopra Steria Cloud Security Services aim at helping organisations to deal with the booming cyber threats. This robust set of services relying on Microsoft technologies spans from prevention, protection, detection, and reaction activities. Its objective is to support four main challenges:

  • Protect against evolving threats across hybrid and multi-Cloud environments;
  • Secure identity and access management in a heterogeneous environment, personas, and assets, stressed by rapid transition to hybrid models;
  • Manage the exponential growth of data and increasing data mobility, and accordance with the compliance and regulations;
  • Proactively protect and monitor the security of business-critical applications.

The Microsoft Azure Security advanced specializations recognizes the most qualified providers who has showcased capabilities and proven experience implementing comprehensive Cloud security strategies in hybrid and multi-Cloud environments:

  • Cloud Security: implementing comprehensive protection across Microsoft Azure, hybrid and multi-Cloud environments.
  • Identity and Access Management: enabling Zero Trust strategy, through solutions putting identity at the forefront of verifying every access and connecting all security solutions across the entire digital estate.
  • Information Protection and Governance: solution providing proactive strategies that enhance data and workloads security.
  • Threat Protection: solution protecting against threats, including rapid detection and recovery capabilities of security incidents.
A proficient secure hybrid and multi-Cloud environment is the masterpiece of any digital platform wishing to enable resilient and trustworthy digital business. We are honoured to be recognized by Microsoft as a leading hybrid and multi-Cloud security provider in the world. Sopra Steria is committed to help the European digital economy to establish this confidence through systemic approaches, sophisticated solution, and its large range of expertise

said Xavier Pecquet, EXCOM Member at Sopra Steria in charge of Key Accounts & Partnerships.

As the use of cloud services continues to grow, cyber risks and threats continue to evolve, with more frequent, sophisticated and costly attacks than ever. Earning the Cloud Security advanced specializations illustrates that Sopra Steria has among the highest standards for service delivery, support and experience implementing comprehensive protection across Microsoft Azure, hybrid, and multi-Cloud environments", added David Smith, Vice President, Global Channel Sales, Microsoft.


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Sopra Steria achieves the 4 Microsoft Azure Cloud Security advanced specialisations