Right to Water

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The right to water is a major commitment of Sopra Steria’s sustainability approach

In the context of its environmental and humanitarian approach, Sopra Steria is committed to taking significant action for humanity - the right to water.

Water is an essential element for life. Close to a billion people are without access to drinking water.

Sopra Steria’s commitment is based on major international organisations that are striving to draw greater attention to water-related issues: access, sanitation and the prevention and control of pollution. Since 2012, the Group has been a partner of Green Cross and, since 2014, a partner of 1001 Fontaines.

In 2015, Sopra Steria took further action with the acquisition of “Water Benefit” certificates to produce 1 million litres of drinking water in India. The Group is also behind the Aqua Water Tower projet at Ganage Junior College in Pune (India), in partnership with Water Planet Foundation.


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Right to Water