NEXT - Intelligent Virtual Assistant Session

Brussels, | minute read

For the inaugural edition of NEXT, Sopra Steria experts presented the Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA). What is it used for? How can it benefit customers? Is it a real innovation or just a passing trend? Can customers improve their user experience and their customer service with a conversational agent? Our colleagues took the time to go beyond the simple Chatbot hype and present our approach toward Intelligent Virtual Assistant. 

The event started with powerful breakfast in which participants could interact with Sopra Steria members. Regis Roba opened the floor with an introduction to the NEXT series and introduction of the topic: Intelligent Virtual Assistant. From Sopra Steria France, Yves Yoto ("The Future of Chatbot") and Patrick Meyer ("Build a Chatbot"), gave insightful presentations about the state of affairs in relation to Chatbots and our capabilities at Sopra Steria. Subsequently, participants were divided into groups and rotated between the different experience zones in which practical use cases were discussed.

About Next Meet Ups

At Sopra Steria we understand that the rapid emergence of digital technologies can be overwhelming and represent major challenges at all levels in any organization.  We would like to show you what is coming out on the market and how it can benefit our customers via a series of digital technologies seminars and demos at our offices in Brussels. We will highlight how digital technology is applied and what it can do to improve their business.

What can customers expect from these meetings?

  1. Through presentation and demos, they can learn about the digital technologies and tools that we use here at Sopra Steria.
  2. They can understand concrete digital applications that can be tailored to their business.
  3. They have the opportunity to network among their peers and our digital experts

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