Knowledge Sharing Session: IBM @ Sopra Steria

Brussels, | minute read

Sopra Steria welcomed IBM Executive Architect Eric Michiels in the first Knowledge Sharing Session of the year.

Mr. Michiels shared his knowledge on IBM Watson and Quantum Computing in front of a crowd of very attentive colleagues.

Participants had the opportunity to learn about AI technologies from IBM Watson which are available for the customer today, how they can be applied, and what are the best use cases.

In short, the session allowed participants to get to know new ways to better meet customer’s needs.

Eric Michiels also explained Quantum Computing essentials, including demonstrations on an IBM Q system illustrating the concepts with Quantum Gates. At the end of the day, everyone left the room with enthusiasm to put their new knowledge to the test and the head full of ideas.

Colleagues, stay tuned for more Knowledge Sharing Sessions!

*If you wish to know more about Sopra Steria and SAP solutions, please contact Patrice Becuwe