Insider Trading Rules

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“As a listed company, Sopra Steria Group and its employees are subject to the provisions of French and European securities law.”

Sopra Steria shares are listed on the Euronext Paris stock exchange.

As a listed company, Sopra Steria Group (the Company), as well as its employees and corporate officers and those of any subsidiary, irrespective of their nationality, are subject to the provisions of French and European securities laws relating to market abuse and insider trading and breaches.

The basis of this regulation is founded on the principles of transparency and equality between shareholders and investors so that any buyer and seller of financial instruments of a listed company has access to the same information at the same time on that company.

The Company is therefore required to communicate a certain amount of information to the market and must ensure that their employees do not use or disclose to other employees, or to individuals outside the Group, information that could influence the value of the Company’s shares.

Everyone’s actions can have consequences on the Company’s and the Group’s image vis-à-vis its partners and the public.

The purpose of these Insider Trading Rules is to inform employees of the legislative and regulatory principles relating to market abuses, as well as the complementary internal measures put in place to prevent insider trading.


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Insider Trading Rules