Cybersecurity Brochure

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According to the IMF, the risk of a cyber attack was the third most feared global risk by companies in 2018, behind climate risks. Anticipating, organizing and protecting against a cyber threat that targets mass paralysis has now become a «must have» for your organization.

As a result of digital transformation and its associated new uses, cybersecurity is accelerating, under the supervision of European and Member States regulatory authorities. As a major player in the European cyber security sector, Sopra Steria is part of this dynamic.

Our mission is to provide solutions and trusted services to the most exposed public and private actors, to ensure the resilience of their critical systems and protect their sensitive information assets.

Our teams support you throughout the entire security lifecycle, from prevention to protection and detection-reaction. Our tailor-made approach is adapted to your context and your technological and budgetary constraints, around a service model that combines proximity and industrialization.

At the heart of cybersecurity and crisis management, the quality, proximity and durability of the relationship of trust with our customers is fundamental to me. Listening to your specific needs and the initiatives of our experts, we are constantly improving in order to provide you with highperformance and, if necessary, creative solutions!


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Cybersecurity Brochure