Cyber Security Business Lunch: A taste of the next generation tools in cyber defense

Brussels, | minute read

Sopra Steria invited industry leaders to discuss about new cyber threats that their industries might face in today's dynamic digital landscape. With presentations by Crowdstrike, Loghrythm, and Forcepoint, the floor was open for participants to discuss with their peers and Sopra Steria Security Experts. 

During a successful and informative lunch, Sopra Steria managed to gather the leaders of different industries to talk about the major cyber threats that might impact the companies today. Participants ranged from a variety of sectors such as Banking, Healthcare, Utilities & Industry, Homeland Security, among others.

Three guest keynote speakers elaborated on the challenges and the Next Generation solutions that help to protect your business. 

  1. Crowdstrike introduced the new generation of end point protection and the importance of  the integrating of threat intelligence as part of your defence. 
  2. Logrhythm elaborated on Security Event and Incident monitoring, as well as on the future of security operation centers.
  3. Forcepoint discussed data-loss detection and prevention from the human point of view, beyond  firewalls and IPS solutions.  

Open debate followed each presentation about the importance and the feasibility to deploy these next generation of cyber defences, as topics such as timeliness of response, exposure and common enemies were consistent throughout the day.

At Sopra Steria we strongly believe that the first step to first-class threat protection is a solid security foundation. Consequently, high quality detection and prevention is essential to protect your organisations against increasingly sophisticated internal and external threats and putting the tools and processes in place is not a one-off exercise.

Sopra Steria has the expertise, advanced tools, threat intelligence and  best practices to provide you with robust, evolving security monitoring  and management services tailored for your organisation, aligned with to  the existing information security standards.

For more information about Sopra Steria’s security services or about the  tools and solutions presented by the keynote speakers, please contact or