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Why reinvent the customer experience ?

In this age of digital revolution, never before have customer relations undergone such a drastic change:

  • consumers « taking power »,
  • the emergence of new ways of consuming,
  • the impact of technology and new digital uses.

All these factors are leading companies to put customers at the heart of their strategic approaches, with the emphasis on influence , recommendation and loyalty-building.

Common to all these initiatives is the desire for excellence in the customer experience, which we see as «the sum of the impressions and emotions that the individual and cumulative effects of a customer’s interaction with a brand and its products or services create in a customer».

The best customer experience is one that satisfies to the point where the brand becomes a preference and a long-term commitment is obtained from the customer who then recommends the brand to friends and family.

A successful customer experience is dependent on the ability of companies to rise to the four challenges of interpersonal excellence, knowledge and exploitation of customer assets, marketing intelligence and lastly commercial performance.

Sopra Steria Consulting helps leading companies and organisations to look at the customer experience in a new light.


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The challenges of the new customer experience