Secure your future: Join us at Cybersec Europe 2024

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Experience a dynamic program during a two-day trade show on 29th and 30th of May. We are present showcasing cutting-edge solutions, an insightful keynote and the innovation of cybersecurity to combat cybercrime and drive progress.

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Be part of the keynote session by Ivana Butorac

Ivana Butorac is the EU Cyber Compliance manager in Sopra Steria Belgium. During the keynote, she will dive into the cybersecurity chess game, highlighting how AI reigns and emphasizing the importance of legal moves and compliance strategies.

With 7 years of experience in IT industry, she knows better than anyone that legal moves and compliance strategies need to be aligned in order to be successful. This strategic approach to cybersecurity, related to a chess game, aims for a checkmate. By understanding the process, you will gain insights to craft effective cybersecurity solutions.

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Visit our booth 

At Cybersec Europe 2024 you can also visit our booth drink a nice cocktail and discover more about our cybersecurity strategy on the basis of demos that focus on strategy, prevention, protection and detection & response. To ensure you can easily locate us, remember our booth number: 05C060. We can't wait to meet you there.  

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