AI TRiSM: Optimising trust in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

by Maria Luisa Renzi - Data Protection Consultant
| minute read

As ChatGPT, a highly advanced chatbot developed by the artificial intelligence research company OpenAI, is making headlines all over the world, it comes as no surprise that AI is also - and again- featured strongly in Gartner’s annual list of strategic technology trends. Reason enough for each organisation willing to exploit these new features, to focus and invest on one of those AI trends for 2023: AI Trust, Risk, and Security Management or, in short, AI TRiSM.

Each year, Gartner selects a number of top technology trends that are important strategically, to the extent that they require a response from the appropriate C-suite executives within the next three years. The research company also warns, however, that “different trends will impact different organisations in different ways.” As a consequence, the best practice for each organisation would be to “first evaluate which of these trends present opportunities and risks to your organisation’s strategic direction. This will help you develop relevant roadmaps to enable reliable and sustainable business growth and outperform the competition.”

Key business priority: optimise

According to Gartner, the Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2023 will enable organisations to address four key business priorities or ‘themes’. Optimising resilience, operations or trust is the first of these priorities. It is addressed by three tech trends that, respectively, optimise IT systems for greater reliability (‘Digital Immune System’), improve data-driven decision-making (‘Applied Observability’), and maintain the value and integrity of AI systems in production (‘AI TRiSM’).

Elaborating further on the business value of AI TRiSM, as well as on the business strategies it supports, Gartner rightly claims that “AI requires new forms of trust, risk and security management that conventional controls don’t provide.” To that end, AI TRiSM specifically combines methods for explaining AI results, rapidly deploying new models and actively managing AI security, with controls for privacy and ethics issues. New AI TRiSM capabilities thus ensure model reliability, trustworthiness, security, and privacy (through data protection). In other words: they help create secure and stable foundations for your business. Other business strategies supported by AI TRiSM are the maximisation of value from your data and the protection and growth of your brand. 

Key actions for implementation

Looking at AI TRiSM from a technical perspective, it includes solutions, techniques, and processes for model interpretability and explainability, AI privacy, model operations, and adversarial attack resistance. If implemented well, AI TRiSM can drive better outcomes in terms of AI adoption, achieved business goals, and user acceptance. Gartner itself predicts that, “by 2026, organisations that operationalise AI transparency, trust and security will see their AI models achieve a 50% result improvement in terms of adoption, business goals, and user acceptance.”

Gartner’s report highlights one use case, among others, that clearly shows as AI TRiSM even has the potential to save lives: “Abzu, a Danish startup, built an AI product that generates mathematically explainable models that identify cause-and-effect relationships. These allow Abzu’s clients to validate results more easily and have led to development of more precise and effective breast cancer drugs.”

Lastly, Gartner also provides some key actions for implementation, such as setting up an organisational task force or dedicated unit to manage AI TRiSM efforts. Or making AI models explainable or interpretable by using open-source tools or vendor solutions that add value.

Download Gartner’s detailed guide to the Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2023and check out the full list of implementation actions for free.

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