Adding extra value to SAP Real Estate Management

by Benoit Fanna - Senior SAP Consultant
| minute read

At Sopra Steria Benelux we are committed to creating value for our customers. One way of achieving that goal is by adding extra value to existing solutions - by extending them, for instance. And that is exactly what we’re doing today with SAP’s solution for Real Estate Management (RE). But before we go into more detail about our own very newest SAP extension, let’s take a closer look first at what SAP is already offering to its real estate customers today.

Whether you’re a residential or a commercial client and whether you’re buying or selling land or buildings, respectively leasing or renting them, SAP Real Estate Management is meant to make all of these real estate business scenarios easier to oversee and administer. The solution allows you to streamline and enhance your real estate management processes, starting with a number of centralised business processes, such as controlling, asset management, purchase order processing and real estate maintenance. Other capabilities include, among others, contract management, space optimisation and real estate objects management.

As part of SAP’s ERP platform, SAP Real Estate Management also incorporates a state-of-the-art user experience, preconfigured financial integration and the latest digital technologies. Since it offers native integration to SAP’s newest ERP system, S/4HANA, a smooth transition to that modern central platform, specifically built for our digital age, is as good as guaranteed. Depending on your specific business needs, SAP’s real estate solution can be deployed on premise or in a cloud environment.

SAP Cloud for Real Estate

SAP’s most recent real estate offering, SAP Cloud for Real Estate (C/4RE), is a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution – just as its name suggests – which runs on S/4HANA. It is natively integrated with that new, modern ERP system, providing real-time updates and synchronisation.

SAP Cloud for Real Estate centralizes the management of corporate real estate portfolios. Its main components are Location Management, Workspace Management and Contract & Lease Management. It uses embedded analytics to continuously monitor and optimize performance, helping real estate professionals to identify risks and exposures, but also opportunities for cost management and savings. By providing transparency between actual and planned expenses, for instance, SAP Cloud for Real Estate helps businesses reduce their workspace spend.

SAP Real Estate extension 

Last but not least, SAP Cloud for Real Estate is an open solution. Not only can it connect with existing solutions, but it also enables partners to build add-ons or extensions, as we at Sopra Steria have recently been doing. Our SAP Real Estate extension is not limited to that vendor’s cloud offering, however. We can just as well implement it in an on-premise environment.

Read my next blog post to find out everything there is to know (for now) about our SAP Real Estate extension. I will also use that occasion to present our flagship solution for real estate customers in the Benelux: SAP Flexible Real Estate Management (REFX).

In the meantime, If you wish to know more about our SAP Real Estate extension, we will be offering a live demo during SAP NOW Live. Discover how to extend C4RE (Cloud for Real Estate Extensions) and REFx (Flexible Real Estate Management) using the SAP Cloud Platform with Next-Gen apps.