Our Mobility Offer

A mobility ecosystem in turmoil 

The European mobility landscape is amid change: 

  • The EU Directive 2013/37/EU on the re-use of public sector information is one of the legislations supporting  the construction of an open catalogue of data relevant to the organisation of mobility   

  • Ambitious objectives in Europe the Green Deal underlining legislations and initiatives: multimodal transport and sustainable mobility 

  • New passenger expectations and behaviours are linked to the appearance of new alternative mobility solutions  

  • High stakes on environmental, societal, and modal shift towards soft mobility,   

  • Reinforced importance on deploying local mobility policies and controlling communication and relations with travellers, 

This transformation is a source of opportunities for network and infrastructure managers, mobility solutions suppliers, and authorities to create a socially responsible, open, and sustainable mobility ecosystem.   


Three levers to seize the opportunities of a changing ecosystem

At Sopra Steria, we are convinced that mobility authorities and transporters will be able to seize the opportunities of a changing ecosystem by relying on 3 major levers. Our experts and partners can support you in instigating change, defining governance, mastering data, and implementing advanced technological solutions. 

Governance >

Maximize the added value of your mobility initiatives thanks to a strong cross-sector governance, implementation of robust standards, and advanced data management

Multimodal, end-to-end journey >

Ensure an optimal user experience and a multimodal journey promoting local mobility strategies with an OpenMaaS modular platform and an evolutionary approach

Operational excellence >

Use an advanced data-powered overview of load factors and flows on your network to manage the consequences on a multimodal journey and provide unified passenger information. 

Discover in detail what Sopra Steria and its partners can help you accomplish

Understanding mobility flows to adapt the transport offer is essential. Enabling cross-sector collaboration, implementing robust standards, and building effective partnerships are key for success. 

With limited budgets, the adaptation of the transport offering to deal with problems of congestion, white zones, etc., requires joint work between the mobility authorities, regional players, businesses, citizens and transport operators.  

The knowledge and analysis of mobility flows enables the stakeholders of a mobility area to identify solutions that do not require costly and time-consuming infrastructure to be deployed. For example, knowing the home-to-work journeys of short duration is a mean of qualifying the potential of a new cycle path.   

Sopra Steria consulting team can help you set up collaborative mobility governance in urban and inter-urban areas. We help you support the management effort with advanced data management & AI solutions to facilitate the decision-making process. 

Based on our experiences in particular in the Toulouse airport zone, we are building on the lessons learned to help you to involve the stakeholders in a collaborative mobility governance process. We help you to design and implement the mobility flow cockpit, an essential tool for a detailed understanding of current travel conditions and possible adaptations to your transport offer.  

An OpenMaaS platform for a customer experience twill facilitates multi-modality and a behavourial shift. 

The quality and fluidity of the passenger experience on a multimodal journey is essential to promote alternative means of transport. The creation of a multimodal customer journey raises the questions of multimodal booking (how to guarantee the availability of all the planned means of transport?) and incentive. Incentive mechanisms help to encourage the traveller to choose a route that is favoured by the local mobility policy: green route, active mobility, etc. They also contribute to the smooth and efficient management of the network and its resources.   

With our partners, we are creating OpenMaas platforms, based on 3 pillars: Smart transport, Smart Mobility and Open transport. These modular and futureproof solutions are enabling both private and public actors to cooperate in an open ecosystem based on strong standards and governance. Find out more about our vision on our blog

Sopra Steria supports you through the full cycle - the preparation, the coordination, the design, and the implementation of your OpenMaaS platform: we offer you the combined expertise of our specialist teams and partners in UX Design, advanced data management and use of mobility data. 

With our consulting teams you imagine and co-construct new digital solutions for your ecosystem to enable multimodal end-to-end passenger journey. 

Our innovation labs help you to leverage AI and blockchain technologies to make your ideas a reality.

The efficiency of the transport networks for the benefit of passengers requires a global approach to flow supervision and asset management.  

Our solutions contribute to an advanced mobility flows management: 

  • Overview of capacity and load factors, detection of hazards and control of the consequences on multimodal journeys, unified passenger information.   

Sopra Steria and its partners are recognised players in Europe and Asia in the supervision of mobility flows: mass transit, long distance, rail and road.   

Our solutions contribute to operational efficiency:   

  • traffic and energy supervision: equipment supervision, alarms and incident detection, processing and reflex actions.   

  • traffic optimisation: management of waiting times, optimisation of routes at the terminus   

  • Passenger management: crowd detection and congestion identification, platform and traffic overview. 

  • Maintenance: predictive and pre-emptive intervention supported by advanced AI solutions as well as digitalized tools and processes.