Digitisation: Build your Industry 4.0 with us. 

Industry 4.0 goes beyond the digitalisation and networking of value chains. It revolutionises companies' service and product offerings and brings forth new business models that sometimes have a disruptive effect. The life cycle of products is completely aligned with individual customer requirements - from the idea to development and production to recycling. Companies need advice and IT know-how to stay one step ahead of the disruptive developments in their market.

Focusing on the right trends

At the same time, structural change, a shortage of skilled workers and increasing pressure on margins fuelled by geostrategic and fiscal uncertainties, are challenging the manufacturing industry like never before. Recognising these changes at an early stage and focusing on the right trends, enables us to take strong positions in the future, for example through individualised solutions and flexible services as well as customer-oriented aftersales.

With excellent technological know-how, Sopra Steria supports industrial companies in the mechanical and plant engineering, (opto)electronics, pharmaceuticals and chemicals sectors.

We tackle the upcoming changes together with our clients:

  • E2E business processes
  • Data analytics, investment for the future
  • CRM
  • AI
  • Process automation
  • Platforms & cloud

With business consulting to a new business model

You want to go one step further? Not only optimise existing structures, but have a completely new way of thinking? Sopra Steria consultants will support you in improving your business model and leveraging innovation potential. A holistic strategic orientation of digitalisation is advisable for every sector in your industry. Digital transformation involves all colleagues in the company  and uses agile methods for improved working methods, leadership structures and a better understanding of customers. Digitalisation sets the pace for innovation. We help you become a pacesetter instead of a follower.


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