Virtual Assistants: A seamless implementation


Thursday 4th of March 2021 – 10:00 to 11:00am (GMT +1)


In today's digital world, customers expect access to information and resources 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The health crisis has further increased and accelerated the need for a better digital experience to satisfy current customer needs.

Using and leveraging a conversational agent can help you meet these challenges. You can improve the relationship between users and the Information System, relieve existing support services, and allow your staff to focus on value-added activities.

Sopra Steria invites you to a 30-minute presentation during which our experts will answer the question: How to improve your customer relationship with a conversational agent?

To do so, our experts will present the challenges and benefits of implementing a conversational agent project based on real customer experiences, along with what to consider to succeed in the implementation. 


LefebvreCyril Lefebvre

Chatbot Technical Expert



Tristan Thillaye du Boullay

Senior Digital Consultant

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At Sopra Steria, we are convinced that it is essential to combine intelligence - collective, human and artificial - to ensure seamless interactions and tap into the endless universe of your collective business knowledge: "Alive Intelligence".

Looking into implementing a digital assistant?  Learn more about our Alive Intelligence offer and what Sopra Steria can do for you in your digital transformation journey.


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