Online to Bank

Authorize real time financial transactions & payments…

In order to help Belgian banks improve their card payment services to customers and reduce fraudulent use of debit cards, Sopra Steria Belgium offers an OLTB (On Line to the Bank) platform to Belgian banks.

This platform is delivered in a project or in aSaaS mode (all investments and business/technical knowledge are taken by Sopra Steria).

End-to-end solution

Our OLTB application enables on-line authorization and posting for Point Of Sales and Automatic Teller Machine transactions done by debit cards.

This Steria standard solution consists of:

  • a Gateway that will ensure the communication and the secured exchanges with Atos-WorldLine (Banksys) & with the Bank’s back-office applications;
  • a standard integration of both components;
  • a total dedicated FIPS certified DEP environment (Hardware Security Modules) and its daily management 24h/7d;
  • end-to-end functional and stress-testing of the solution (AWL certified);
  • Application & Infrastructure Management (Release, Evolutive, Corrective).

Business Value for the client

Authorizing and receiving card payment transactions online will deliver the following benefits:

  • Elimination of the risk of unauthorised transactions because of delays in synchronisation of available balances between the ATM/POS/PTO (Petrol Terminal Outdoor) channels handled by Atos-WorldLine and other payment channels (Back-office, branches, own ATMs, etc.).
  • Better real-time view of its cash position, better treasury management.
  • Reduction of the number of CEC/UCV transactions.
  • Improved services to the customer:
  • Funds deposited via other channels are immediately available to the customer in the ATM/POS channel
  • The customer can immediately see his ATM/POS transactions in other bank channels: B2C, B2N,B2O, …
  • Possibility to define bank-specific authorisation rules: e.g. 1 limit across several channels, different limit periods than offered by Atos-WorldLine …
  • Readiness for Pan-European debit card scheme.

 End to End Services, using an OLTB SAAS model, 24h/7d

For 10 years, Sopra Steria has been providing Belgian financial institutions with 24x7 IT Infrastructure & Outsourcing Services (AXA Bank, AntwerpseDiamant Bank, Centea, Banquede La Poste, Mercator Bank, BNP Paribas, Finaref, …). Sopra Steria relies on an experienced team of experts providing Infrastructure Services and on 2 Belgian Datacenters, offering a fully synchronous and redundant IT infrastructure outsourcing environment

With the objective to deliver OLTB end to end services to our clients, Sopra Steria can deliver the OLTB application in a complete out of the box solution, mixing applicative and infrastructure competences.

Sopra Steria has developed a set of servicesaimed at assisting financial institutions inmanaging their OLTB Gateway applicative and infrastructure environment:

  •  IT Infrastructure Housing &Outsourcing including DEPs
  • Network connectivity
  • OLTB Gateway application management
  • DEP Operating
  • Administration (Crypto officers)
  • Software loading (SL Operators)
  • Non-authenticated tasks (Non-crypto Operators)
  • C-zam management

Our organisation will provide the bank with full ITIL support services for this environment : SPOC, Incident, Patch, Release, Capacity, Security, Performance Management.

Actually, our application is used by several banks in Belgium for an average annual transaction numbers > 50 Mio.

What our customer says:

“For the OLTB project, we have decided to locate the application & infrastructure where the daily management happens: at Sopra Steria. We evolve slowly to a cloud model where each component of the application &infrastructure are entirely managed under SLA’s by the best party”. Louis Mahy, CIO, Record Bank.