Digital Signature


Today, financial institutions are faced with a lot of challenges: increased customer expectations, new regulations, increased competition, weak market conditions, etc. Financial institutions need to react to these challenges in order to be ready for the future.

Part of the transformation of financial institutions is to adapt to the new area of digitalization. More and more customers expect to be able to interact with their financial institutions anytime, anywhere. Therefore financial institutions need to transform their business models. Nowadays financial institutions are printing a lot of documents in preparing financial transactions (such as transferring money from one account to another, paying an invoice, closing a car insurance contract, etc.). This brings a lot of costs and this way of working is also sensitive to human error. Are all required documents printed by the bank employee? Did the bank employee verify that the customer signed all required documents correctly? Did the bank employee correctly archive all documentation? There is also a cost for the customer who needs to fulfil many steps before the final contract is processed.

Sopra Steria proposes a solution to help financial institutions to transform. This transformation will help to achieve higher customer satisfaction rates by offering simplified and shorter processes in a secure environment.

A standard electronic signature platform: Strong authentication, digital signature, proof and secure archiving

Sopra Steria offers its customers a standard, evolving and end-to-end signature platform that answers natively to the requirements of a modern financial institution. The solution is based on our technology partner DICTAO.

Dictao has more than 15 years of relevant experience in the domain of digital signatures. The solution offered by Sopra Steria is modular, allowing financial institutions to build up a phased approach, depending on its requirements and objectives. By using a standard solution, financial institutions can be ensured of a low risk migration path and a quick time to market for implementing the solution.

Flexible towards different business models

Our solution can be implemented taking into account different customer business models. The solution can be used to facilitate contract negotiations at branches as well as for closure of contracts by a commercial agent at home of the customer. The proposed solution also offers robust interfaces (e.g. Web-Services) which ensure that the solution can be seamlessly integrated with the financial institution its third party applications (e.g. website).

Sopra Steria, a leading integrator in eID

Sopra Steria has a strong experience with the use of the Belgian eID card, being a major actor of the BELPIC project since 15 years (Belgian Electronic Identity Card). Sopra Steria has delivered in the past to several Belgian financial institutions applications for the use of the eID within their branches. In parallel, Sopra Steria has also a strong experience in signature projects by using the debit/credit card. We have developed a standard product for e-banking use (authentication, signature) for financial transactions that is already implemented at many Belgian financial institutions.

Compliance to Belgian and European rules (e-IDAS)

An important element in the dematerialization of your processes is that your applications are compliant with the Belgian and new European rules (e-IDAS) for dematerialization and electronic signature of documents in order to ensure a full legal proof in case of claims (building non-reputable proofs). Steria can commit to its customers that the proposed solution will always answer to these requirements. Our FIPS certification has in this sense also allowed us to strengthen the conformity with international regulatory and security standards. This certification demonstrates our compliance for securing sensitive data. The solution also obtained NATO SECRET classification (Green level).

A minimal footprint for the end-user

In order to avoid significantly the numbers of potential incidents at the end-user side our solution is based on a remote server mechanism. This guarantees a minimal footprint for the end-user desktop/laptop and enables us to commit on support services and SLA’s.

A SaaS model – You can use a Service

Once the application will be integrated in your environment and with the objective to deliver end to end services to our clients, Steria proposes to financial institutions a full secured SAAS model for this solution. This will allow firms to concentrate on its core activities while Steria will deliver application and infrastructure management services, based on strong SLA’s. If required Sopra Steria is also capable to deliver an on premise solution.