Olivier Calzi

Meet Olivier Calzi, Infrastructure Engineer at Sopra Steria Benelux since August 2019. Olivier found his way to Sopra Steria Benelux because he was part of the same boxing team as his team leader. During a sport session, they started discussing about Sopra Steria and an open job position and that is how Olivier was introduced to his current team and the management. 

What is it you do at Sopra Steria Benelux?

I am an Infrastructure Engineer, so I take care of the infrastructure of our customers. In my job, it is important to be a good listener and learner, and to be patient.

I work in our customers’ cloud to make sure their infrastructure is up and running, so I am dealing with their tickets and requests. I am also advising our customers on how to achieve their targets and I am managing changes for them: if they ask for a new system or product, I have to think about how to implement it in their existing infrastructure the best way possible. I mainly work together with System Engineers and Network Engineers, in a team with 9 people.

I had the chance to work on some nice projects for different customers during my career at Sopra Steria, and I am currently working on a project where the goal is to move from the client’s current classical web platform to an Openshift platform. This is a brand-new platform, and even the customer didn’t know a lot about it at first, so it was up to us to give our client qualitative trainings and workshops. This was challenging and highly demanding, since we had to train our own team at the same time as training our client. I have been evolved in this project since I started working at Sopra Steria and this project will be done in a few months. This will be a big achievement for our team, since we started from zero.

I don’t work full time on this one project. I also have to take care of other customer’s baselines, so handling tickets, or doing some internal work.

Why do you think Sopra Steria is a Great Place To Work?

We get a lot of opportunities, and it is possible to really improve professionally and personally at Sopra Steria. If you want to face real situations while working in a great team, you should definitely join our company. Starting at Sopra Steria opened many doors for me, so I don’t regret coming here.

Fun fact

If Olivier could switch jobs for one day with someone else at Sopra Steria, his funny answer would be a Fleet Manager, because he could go on trial sessions with every new car. His serious answer would be an Architect, to see what it is like building projects from ground zero.

 Culture and atmosphere at Sopra Steria

I work in Fleming, our subsite at Louvain-la-Neuve, so I will mainly speak about the atmosphere there. I would say Sopra Steria is a place to learn, and this is really important for me, since this makes it possible to grow. Sopra Steria also works with a Proximity Manager and in my experience, this concept really has an added value. It is nice to talk with someone about the past year and to discuss what I did good, what not and where I want to go.

What I really like about working at Sopra Steria is the friendship at work, and the nice moments we have with our team. On Fridays for example, we sometimes order pizzas as lunch. We work in a small office in a green environment, so we can also enjoy fresh air, and this is important for our wellbeing.

I feel very appreciated at Sopra Steria, since we are receiving a lot of feedback from our managers, and we can talk freely to everyone, including the management.

Fun fact

If Sopra Steria was an animal, Olivier thinks it would be an elephant: Sopra Steria is sometimes moving slowly, but we are getting there. We have big ears, which reflects our open communication, and we live in a team with others who take care of each other, just like elephants do.