NIS Directive

When technology meets regulation: The first cybersecurity law in the EU

Over the last two decades, the technological and security landscape in Europe has been rapidly changing. The reliability and security of networks, information systems and services play an important role in society, especially for economic growth.

Due to the essential nature of these systems, some cyber-criminals seek to disturb not only economic activities (thus generating a substantial financial loss), but also essential services, including but not limited to electricity and water supply. As a result of these cyber-security threats, it was necessary to act.

The NIS Directive is the first cybersecurity law in the European Union seeking to establish relevant obligations both to Member States and the EU.

Scope of the whitepaper

The scope of this white paper is to raise awareness regarding the implementation of the NIS requirements, which are crucial for several sectors like

  • energy,
  • banking, 
  • transport,
  • health,
  • finance,
  • digital infrastructures,
  • water supply
  • and distribution, operating in Belgium.


This white paper provides practical guidance on the NIS security requirements, benefits of implementing NIS as well as any pitfalls an organisation may face during its compliance project.


Find out everything you need to know about how to comply with the NIS Directive and how to protect your business against cybercrime by downloading the whitepaper.


Download our whitepaper: "A practical guide for implementing Network & Information Security (NIS) in Belgium"

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