Go-to-Cloud Offer

Cloud Computing as a catalyst of Digital Transformation

Cloud has become a strategic enabler for Digital Transformation bringing faster time-to-market, as-a-Service consumption and a unique access to innovative techs such as IoT, Big Data, Chatbot, AI, Process Automation, Blockchain…

Nevertheless, Cloud model adopters face a 3-dimension challenge affecting their culture (disruptive ways to address their clients needs), processes (new usages and IT consumptions) and technology (new tools and skills to master them). At Sopra Steria we are dedicated to make the expected Cloud benefits become a reality for our customers. 

Sopra Steria combines Cloud Centres of Excellence (CCoE) totalling 3.000 headcount with expertise on both applications & infrastructure layers. Multidisciplinary teams combine strategic consulting and change management skills, migration expertise, application modernisation and new development know-how, and a wide-ranging knowledge of Private, Public, Hybrid and Multi-Cloud, from both infrastructure and operational perspectives.

Our Consulting-Transformation-Operations operating model and a unique end-to-end “BizDevSecOps” approach provides Customers with a comprehensive coverage of implementation solutions. Additionally, we capitalise on the specific knowledge of our industry experts and their domain expertise, while leveraging our delivery teams spread between Client sites and across Europe and near/off-shore CCoE’s to bring out the very best of Cloud technology.


We are dedicated to make the expected Cloud benefits become a reality for our customers. 

The traditional legacy heritage was built through IT led services, grown complex, labour intensive and expensive to develop and maintain, delivering low value and at a slow pace. On the opposite, the new Cloud-based IT computing realm is business driven, improving competitiveness and enabling growth, focuses on the outcomes of the Transformation, adapts to changes and supports continual improvement.

By applying an end-to-end approach, the heritage of legacy applications is transformed into a new IT computing realm obtained through Digital transformation, delivering enterprises with actionable benefits.

End-to-end approach

At Sopra Steria we enable Digital Natives and support Digital Adopters to leverage the BEST of Cloud technology:

  • Advise: Assess Digital Transformation objectives, identify priority use cases and quick-wins, outline best migration roadmaps to the right Cloud platform model, enable target cost objectives
  • Boost: Gain efficiency, adopt Green IT, generate smart TCO & reduce time-to-market with a business-oriented strategy relying on a true governance and a cutting-edge operating model
  • Empower: Trigger people change and improve user experience to open the way for innovation with state-of-the-art technologies
  • Secure: Build trust with an extensive safety level to protect your assets on multi-cloud environments and ensure an always-on model
  • Transform: Migrate and modernise your information system at your own strategic pace with flexible future-proofed solutions

Sopra Steria Cloud Services

Our end-to-end offer is designed to accelerate and secure your go-to-cloud in five key steps:

Sopra Steria Cloud Services are providing you with the resources to drive your transformation, enabling Cloud as an engine that actually will support business challenges and initiatives. To offer cutting-edge services, we have developed partnerships and certification programs with hyperscale Cloud Service Providers and leading vendors.